September 24, 2021


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Log Teeth Record Top Dollar At Eldred’s – Antiques and the Arts Online

EAST DENNIS MASS. ELDRED'S MARINE SALE, August 19: "The Log Teeth", a pair scrimshawed teeth from a .......

EAST DENNIS MASS. ELDRED’S MARINE SALE, August 19: “The Log Teeth”, a pair scrimshawed teeth from a whale by Josiah Sheffield Jr., was sold for $93,750. They are number 8 and 9. This indicates at least seven additional chapters to the New Bedford whaleship Timoleon’s 1831-1835 voyage. These are the only examples of scrimshaw authentic enough to document whaling trips in the same way as a log.

They were described by the firm as follows:

“No. “‘No. 8’ tooth in cursive letters ‘No. 8 N. West Coast July 29 1833, Lat. 38 10. 37 10. N. Lon. 00. W. Took 6 whales. The reverse of the signature reads ‘Josiah Shefield Jr.’ Within an oval border is stylized lettering around a stylized rose. This spelling error of Sheffield is thought to have been typographical.

“”No. 9′ tooth inscribed with serifed letters, matching the caption of the ‘No. 8’ tooth, ‘Oct 3 1833 Anchor’d in Todos Santos ‘9’ Sail’d for Turtle Bay Nov 7′ Off C. St. Lus. Lat. Lat. Below, engraved in serifed letters ‘Oct 14, Anchor’d at Turtle Bay.